Correct 15 Mistakes To Become (Poor To Rich)

Correct 15 Mistakes To Become (Poor To Rich). If you seriously follow all this you will become rich.

No.15 Content Consumption

Your content consumption is literally very poor. If you think your content consumption is good or bad you can see the last 15 to 20 videos of your YouTube videos. Are those videos belong to the entertainment majority or regarding your growth?

Content consumption means anything for example which book you read or what content you are looking at on Instagram Facebook or any other platform.

When you look at the entertainment category most of them get millions or billions of views and if you compare that with education videos or finance channels, they don’t even get that many views.

That indicates people are looking to have fun most of the time if you want to become rich you need to change your approach.

No.14 Saving mindset

Listen you need to understand that saving will not make you rich agree or not but it is true.

Do you know that saving is the first step to becoming poor don’t know so read this article.

No.13 Poor people don’t trust themselves

When you ask them do you want to become rich they will say yes I want to become rich but XYZ excuse. They don’t even trust themselves if you can’t trust yourself how will other people will trust you think this.

No.12 Not upgrading skills

Listen carefully if you think that you have lots of degrees or having lots of degrees can help you to make more money.

I mean how?

Seriously dear you are so innocent but mark my words making money requires skills not a degree you will understand this one day in your life.

To relate with this point many times you had heard your friends or relative or anyone who works in your field or in your company but earns more than you.

Do you know what the reason is just that he or she has more skills than you if you want you can go and check by yourself?

No.11 You chase money

You work day and night to earn money but what you don’t know is that you can’t get more money by doing this or you will tired of chasing money.

Tell me one thing if you want to catch a rat how you will catch it? By making a trap right. In the same way, you need to make yourself that capable so that money will come to you.

For that, you need to make yourself eligible in order to do that you need to have skills that attract money simply.

No.10 Debt

Debt is like a trap for you. If you fall many times into debt you can’t survive in a long hunt. If you now and then struggle with that debt so read this article on how to manage debt fast.

If you think you want to become overnight rich so next point is for you.

Number 9 overnight rich

Listen if you think that you can become rich overnight sorry friend you can’t become rich overnight. But let me tell you the reality behind overnight rich.

What you don’t know is that people spend lots of day and night working hard to make their dreams come true instead of sleeping so that overnight you see that one night but lots of nights are behind the success of this.

No.8 Negative Mindset

The ego of poor people throws them far away from rich people so that’s why I suggest that you need to learn something new. In order to be in the race otherwise you are not eligible to participate in the race with other rich people.

No.7 Your circle

You had heard that line you are the average of 5 people. It is so true man if you want to change your net worth do this.

No. 6 Happy with the paycheck

You think that you are happy with your salary but that is wrong. It means you are not going to be a successful person in your life anymore.

Why I am saying that when you get satisfied with something you get to slow down and you slowly get into the comfort zone that you don’t even realize. You have to think a lot more than a paycheck.

No. 5 Don’t try

Many people are out of the race because they don’t even try they feel that they don’t need sometimes some people try to start but what others will say stops them to make their first step unfortunately.

They don’t even try at least once and spend their whole life as it is.

No.4 Money is bad

If you think you need money but subconsciously you have the image of money is that money is bad, I don’t want it that means you are not going to make money anymore.

No.3 One source of income

Many people live their whole life with only one source of income it is not bad but it is very bad…

Why? There are lots of reasons but the one reason I am telling now is many of you have one income source. Most of you barely can save a single penny. There is no question about investing or saving.

So becoming rich with one income… I am not saying that it is not possible but I am talking about the majority of you who gets low-income or average income I think you got what I am trying to say.

No.2 Risk of failing

I am telling you one thing risk of failing is very low if you compare that with the risk of regretting later. Otherwise, you can’t live your life happily.

No. 1 Show off

If you have the tendency of doing show off you are not gonna rich on this topic Morgan Housel says a wonderful line

Spending money to show people how much money you have is the fastest way to have less money

Morgan Housel

Fantastic line.

I would like to say if you don’t know the difference between rich and poor so read this article or 3 things to do before investing.

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