How To Make 100 Crores

How To Make 100 Crores. A realistic and practical approach to creating wealth.

No trading and gambling if you think like that then you are completely wrong. I am going to tell you how to make 100 Crores in the stock market which is possible and yes it is definitely achievable. Read the complete article to know the route.

Listen if you have patience then this article is for you or you can stop because becoming rich is not for everyone. Well, you can make 100 crores or any amount in the stock market but in this article, I am going to show how one can make 100 crores with SIP which is a systematic investment plan.

The thing is that we have to do SIP in an index fund or any other mutual fund which can give a 15% return it’s your call. I will go with nifty 50 index fund for the calculation.

How To Make 100 Crores

Because when you look at the index fund for the last 20 years it has given around 17% of interest rate which is very good so for further calculation we will consider 15%. The return can vary but for the calculation, we will take 15% now okay but before you proceed.

Condition to keep in mind:-

  1. Have patience. Investing is a long-term race it is like a marathon
  2. Do your own analysis before putting money anywhere
  3. Follow the above steps.

Today this article is divided into four parts to make 100 crores

a) 1000 RS b) 10000 RS c) 20000 RS d)30000 RS

or you can go with any amount according to your convenience.

Not understood no problem hold on.

So what if you do a SIP of 1000 RS every month for straight 64 years you can make 100 crores plus yes it’s true. See this

How To Make 100 Crores

If you do a SIP of 10000 RS for 48 years then also you can make 100 crore. See this

How To Make 100 Crores

If you do a SIP of 20000 RS for 44 years then also you can make 100 crore. See this

How To Make 100 Crores

and if you can invest more around 30000 RS for 41 years then also you can make 100 crore. See this

How To Make 100 Crores

The conclusion is that number 1 if you can invest faster you will achieve the target of 100 crore simply and second is that you can reach 100 crore with any amount.

But to invest more you need to save some more bucks right? If you struggle to save money fast read this article.

And number 2 calculation is right if you know a little bit about maths and also regarding the power of compounding. If you are at the age of 20 you can achieve that target early. That’s why the earlier you start the better for you.

But before you say what the benefit of that money at the age of 60 or 70 ok you are right I have three options for you you can choose any one of them that suits you.

1. Donate all the money

2. Keep that money for your future generations

3. At least enjoy your remaining days without a headache and keep some money for upcoming generations and do a little charity.

Do you know many people don’t have 1 – 2 crore also when they retire I don’t think it is bad to have a retirement over 100 crore corpus.

But if you stop your investment then it can drastically change the number seriously if you want you can do it on your own. Give time to the power of compounding so that it can create wealth for you.

Otherwise don’t blame anyone seriously it’s your fault if you have no control over your emotion and if you don’t have any patience. It is possible and people do make money in the stock market by investing and it takes time.

But stop if you are going to make your investing read this article Things to do before Investing or Saving is the first step to becoming poor article.

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