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Hello Guys 👋🏿 hope you are doing well !!! This is King. The boy who had tons of Stories regarding finance is this that and so many negative talks relating to finance. In other’s words, money is bad you don’t have to chase money. Lower and middle class get poorer and rich get richer this was all-time favorite lines of every common people I had heard. I literally had no answer to their questions no doubt that time I was too small like another child.

I had no option just by accepting and nodding my head to what the other elder said. I thought they were right at that age. But from the last almost 2 years I got attracted to finance and I started to learn and understand the concept of finance by reading lots of books and consuming tons of YouTube videos, articles, and podcasts of every successful person regarding finance. Trust me guys I was shocked by getting to know stuff with respect to financing. I was thinking about what is wrong with our society, our neighborhood, and our family members they all have a wrong perspective towards money and finances.

Common men don’t know how to manage their wealth in short money management, financial planning, finance mistake, debt management, investment, budgeting, and extra income source. I know finance itself is a very vast topic that every common man can understand. I agree but at the same, I too strongly believe that every person should have enough knowledge regarding personal finance at least irrespective of their background whether they are teachers, doctors, engineering, dancer, artist, athlete, workers, etc.

So for every ordinary person who can’t afford higher education in finance. I am here to help all of you whether you belong to any part of the world. I am ready to help you out by writing articles regarding personal finance.

Conclusion every single person in the world has to learn and understand personal finance. Trust me guys the day you start understanding personal finance from that day onwards you will enjoy making money and your perspective towards money and finances will be at the top of the sky.

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On the mission to give knowledge of personal finance to every common person in the world. You all are most welcome on my blog personalfinancejarurihai.com

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