30 Days Saving Rule

30 Days Saving Rule. If you think to save money at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month you are left with no money.

Bonus tips are waiting for you but they will be only helpful when you read the complete article.

To get out of the problem I am introducing 30 days saving rule.

What are the 30 days saving rules?

Think like that you want to buy something but you wait for 30 days in simple words.

You will say so what happened?

To understand this you need to look at the next point.

How do 30 days saving rule works?

Listen the purpose of 30 days saving hack is to stop you to buy that particular thing for 30 days. Which results in most of the time that you don’t need that further.

Because most of the time we think that it is important for us but what actually is that we just don’t need that. That’s why this 30 days saving goal gives you more time to think logically and save lots of money.

I hope you got a little bit idea. To understand in detail stay tuned with me.

The benefit of 30 Days Saving Rule.

  1. First, you save lots of money.
  2. You don’t buy unnecessary things which you think it is necessary.
  3. You get into the habit of saving money indirectly or directly.
  4. You can use that money to do investing or in an emergency fund.
  5. Emergency fund.

Disadvantage of 30 days saving rule.

You have to think with your mind and might that can hurt you a little bit but you have to do it.

Because sometimes present pain is important for a better tomorrow.

Awesome line right?

Anyways now you will say how to get started with this.

Hold on let’s dive into the next point.

How to get started with 30 days money challenge?

Listen you have to follow simple steps:-

No. 1 Look at what you are going to purchase.

No.2 Don’t buy that thing for 30 days.

No.3 You will see to it that you don’t need it.

No.4 You saved lots of dollars.

See the next example and you will agree to this. For example many times new phone comes with new features and we are like I want anyhow and we end up purchasing that but after a couple of days, we realize that I had wasted money.

Here this 30-day rule comes to prevent your money from wasting anywhere and makes you disciplined.

Bonus Tips:-

To accomplish your 30 days saving challenge. Just strike out every day which will help you to stay motivated on your 30 days saving rule.

You will say that what we don’t know is how to manage money read this article or saving is the first step to becoming poor.

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