Signs Of Rich

01. Job


You are already going good…

There are many people who don’t have stable jobs

No matter whether you get low or high salary.

Thing is that atleast you started that, thats the achievement.

02. Insurance

Listen listen…

Before you skip this point.

Try to understand

Not everything will happen according to your choice

So to better avoid something wrong you need to make sure that yout have insurance to protect your family and wealth.

If you have insurance well-done buddy.

03. Emergency Fund

If you have emergency fund well and good but if you don’t have let me give quick overview

Let’s say your monthly income is 30,000 Rs/ month so you can multiply it by 6 which will come around 1.8 lakhs Rs.

That is your emergency fund.

04. Savings

If you can save 2000 Rs every month out of 20,000 salary well done buddy.

I know many people who earns 1 lakh per month but they can’t left with single penny.

05. You Spend less and earn more

If your expenses are 27,000 Rs per month and you earn 35,000 Rs per month great going brother you are already going great.

But by chance if you don’t do any of the above points give me few minutes I will tell you.

Getting back to the point.

06. Investing

If you invest in stocks, mutual fund, or any other no matter whether you are just started.

Bravo … That means you are serious about future.

07. No Loan

If you don’t have any loan I mean I appreciate your spending habits.

But let me tell you one thing having debt is not bad but yeah taking bad debt is bad for you and it is seriously injurious for your wealth and health.

08. Side Income

If you earn money apart from your salary that’s great…

Because having a multiple sources of income is the sign of Rich.

09. Learn

If you follow all the points and you give yourself time to learn new skills regarding your career growth in the form of books, podcast, courses regularly great instead of scrolling reels and watching things that don’t add value in their career.

10. Health

I truly believe everything is useless if you don’t have health.

If you can take atleast 1 hour for walking, running, yoga, sports, or workout from your hectic life thats impressive.

Do you know I am sure 9 out of 10 people rarely have all these 10 signs. But if you have allh the 10 signs great you are definitely going to be rich if you religiously follow throughout your life.

And if you don’t have any of the signs start following above points and comments below how much sign do you have.

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