7 Things I Wish I knew When I was 16

 Number one, money is not bad.

Many people say one should not talk about money. Money makes people bad. Money cannot buy happiness. If you are hungry, you don’t eat money.

Let me tackle all these questions one by one.

They say not to talk about money. Me. If you don’t talk about money, so what will happen?

Nothing. You are already broke, and in the future, you will be broke. Simple.

Try to understand, problem is not talking about money. Problem is you don’t have money. That’s why your so called ego mindset don’t want you to talk about this.

Otherwise, I had not seen anyone who has lots of money and they will not enjoy gossiping about money.

So, talking about money is not bad. Understand this as early as possible or might you gonna regret later or might some of you are regretting right now.

Second, they say money makes people bad. Me, this is completely false.

I don’t think so. Listen, you can say that money reveals the reality of a person. If someone helps other people, if they will get more, they will help me.

And the flip side is also true. That’s why money reveals the inner character of that person.

They say money cannot buy happiness. Me, listen, I know money cannot buy happiness directly.

But the reason behind happiness is money. You got your first car, bike, new home, dress, gift, posse, you help others. All this happened because of money. And after getting that, you became happy.

So, ultimately for a moment, let’s say you don’t have money to purchase all these things. I am sure, You would not be happy unless and until someone gives you all this in the form of gift or free. And you also know that this is not going to happen every time.

They say no matter how much you earn, but you don’t eat money if you are hungry. And I’m like, oh, come on, man, be mature.

Tell me one thing. From where did you get that food to eat? When you are in need of that, it’s simple. You give money and in return you get food and you eat. So it all happened because of first you gave money in return. I hope you got my point. Overall, money is not bad.

The only people who says all this rubbish because they don’t have money. And to defend themselves, they talk all this nonsense, which is not logically and practically true. If you ask any successful person in the world.

Do you think that one job is more than enough for you? You are wrong. Have a look next point.

Number two, only job is not the solution.

Let’s say you have 10 tasks to do in one day. Will it possible to do all big tasks in one day? No na, it is not possible for everyone to do all the 10 tasks in one day.

In the same way, you have to admit that there are tons of things and your one income source will not help you after sometimes.

Let’s take an example. If you’re in your 20s, you can sustain in your 20, 000 salary if you are alone. In this case, your salary is more and your responsibility expenses are less.

But when you go in your 30s, let’s say your salary becomes 50, 000. But now you have family responsibility also. In this case, your salary and responsibility expense will be at equal level. Or 9 out of 10 times salary is less and responsibilities are more.

Now, when you go in your 40s, no matter how much your salary grows up, your expenses are seriously going to touch the sky and you will be helpless. I had just given small overview that only job and living throughout your life depending on a single job is injurious to health.

After watching this, you are like I’m going to work damn hard to achieve that degree which will help me to get seriously crazy package. Hold on.

Skill is more important than degree.

You think that your degree is enough to get you a high paying job?

Okay. Let’s take a test. I’m the person who is taking your interview and you came to me for interview.

You had outstanding report card. I’m impressed but unfortunately I’m not going to give you a job. You will say why? Listen, like you, there are lots of people who had the same kind of report card. I will select that person who might have less marks than you all, but if he has skill, I will prefer that person.

Understand this, mugging up and scoring marks might be easy compared to demonstrating the things in a practical manner. So, skill is more important. You can get degree by paying money. You can’t get skills by paying money. You need to work hard to acquire that skill day and night. Okay. Now we will see from where we can learn skills.

Look this. Number four. Consume content regarding your growth.

If you are in 21st century and still can’t find a way to learn things, Man, you are so behind from other peoples. Internet. Make this internet to make yourself a better person, rather than destroying your life. Book, YouTube videos, blog, courses, newsletters, ebooks, and the list goes on.

There are so much options available. The only problem is within you. You don’t know how to find that. It’s your problem. Instead of wasting time on unwanted things, make that resources help you. Having lots of options will make you confused. That’s it.

Looking at others is another problem of you.

Number five. See this. Show off is the fastest way to become poor.

Do you know now the trending show off currently? What it is? Education.

With lots of love and respect. I am not disrespecting education. Instead, the people in our society has made the education show off.

Achha tell me one thing, you had pursued or might be pursuing or going to pursue engineering, doctor, government job, whatever.

Is it your first option? Do you think personally? I want to become best doctor in the world because I want to make the people around me disease free. I want to become I.A.S. officer to serve the nation and protect the nation.

I am damn sure 99 out of 100 you watching this and pursuing this. The reason behind doing this is society said not to do this you want actually to help out.

Congratulations. If something is not of your interest, you are going to fail. You will lose your precious time and hard earned money following this so called education.

So, it’s okay to take risk. Yeah, seriously.

Number six. It’s okay to take risk.

I am talking about calculated risk, not calculated risk. Blindly taking any risk without looking and understanding. Instead of following education, what society says might would be better if you had taken risk of trying something different. Trying different doesn’t mean that you will look something unique out of the box.

Just trying different means just slightly approaching the same thing in a different manner.

That’s it. Health is seriously wealth.

This is also the last one. No matter in which field you are, you need to take one hour for your health. No matter how much you earn and at the end, if you don’t have health, you are going to lose everything that you have. So understand as early as possible.

Might my other’s video will help you.

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