Rich vs Poor- 7 Main Difference

Rich vs Poor Do you often think about why the poor become poorer and the rich become richer? Don’t worry today you will get your answer. I have provided in the article the difference between poor and rich -7 amazing tips which I personally know and saw really in poor and rich people. Let’s get started without wasting time anymore.

7. Poor people save money Rich people invest money

I hope you got the point poor people save money rich people invest money but let me tell you the psychology behind both of them poor people think that saving money will make them rich but this is not the reality if we save money it’s just like addition but when we invest money it is like multiplication.

Second thing is that if you want to save money tell me one thing how much money you can save. If you are earning 5000$ a month if you want to save money okay let’s say you save all 5000$ you had not spent a single penny on yourself okay then how much you would save in a year 60000$ in one year, okay that’s it.

You have that upper limit you can’t have money of more than 60000$ ok. But if you invested that amount you might had grown into a millionaire $ also or who knows? Are you getting my point saving money has that upper limit but investing has not you can make money much more than you have thought ever in your life by investing that’s the reason rich people invest and they knew the formula.

6. Poor people buy liability Rich people buy assets

Do you know the difference between asset and liability if you don’t know let me explain you? Assets are something that puts money into your pocket and liabilities are something that takes away money from your pocket. Exactly this is what every rich people know about that’s why they try to buy assets which will help them to make more money this is the reason why they are becoming richer and richer day by day. Poor don’t know what asset or liability is that’s why the reason is that they fall into the liability category always and become poorer and poorer day by day.

5. Poor people want the cheapest Rich people want the best value thing

You all have seen this habit in many people that they want a thing which is low price no matter whether the thing is providing them value or not but if they will get in the low price they will buy it and whereas rich always invest in anything that provides the best value no matter what is the cost of that thing but that thing is providing some value to them they will buy it they will not see the price tag because they know that this thing is providing much more value to them.

4. Poor people think I can’t afford it Rich people think how can I afford it

Listen the way you think decides what you are going to become in the future straightforward answer is yes it is true and 1000 % true. You are thinking the whole day that I can’t afford this thing that thing or anything that is true that you are not going to get that thing in the future too.

Trust me guys your thoughts affects everything and that’s the reason rich people know how to think that’s why they always think how can I afford it if you say how can I afford it then your brains get activated and work in that way to achieve that thing to make a solution out of that problem and if you think I can’t afford it means then you are done with that your brain stops working at that point so that’s the reason that every rich people know.

3. Poor people have negative mindsets Rich people have positive mindsets

O come on guys I talked about this in the above point that your thinking affects everything if you have a mindset like that you can’t do anything or you are not going to get that thing or in any negative way then you had written your future. Mindset is everything no matter what the situation is if your mindset is negative then I am sure that it is not going in your favor but if you have a positive mindset toward that problem then I am sure that no matter what the situation maybe you are gonna win. When you look at poor people they are full of negative mindsets whereas rich people have positive mindsets.

2. Poor people hate money Rich people love money

I will explain this point in a very simple manner by giving one example let’s say someone hates you so there is a high probability that you are not going in front of that person because you know that the person is hating you so you will not go with him or go in front of that person right simple calculation. So in the same way everything works like that, you have to know that the universe is interconnected with each and everything.

If you hate money tell me how you can become rich if you talk negatively about that money so tell me why that money will come to you for what reason? Are you getting my point about what I am trying to say? If you see many poor people who want to become rich, talk negatively about money that money is evil if you have lots of money you will become bad and all this nonsense. Tell me how can that money will go to that person who always talks negative about money that’s why the reason poor people have no money and whereas rich people have money because they love money.

1. Poor people wish for money Rich people actually work hard to create wealth

If you want something and you don’t perform any action to achieve that thing then it simply means that it is the wish that you want and if you really wanted the thing then you will work hard to achieve it. Rather than just sitting and watching TV and thinking that your dream will be fulfilled one day.

The same happens with poor people or most of the poor people they only thing is that they want money they want to become rich but actually, the scenario is different they don’t even try to work hard sometime some people try to work hard but if they meet with the first failure they stop doing that and they think, things to be good with them but this is not possible man. You have to work hard to achieve your dreams this is what every rich people know.

Now you know rich vs poor now you need to know saving vs investing.

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