Difference Between Saving vs Investing – 11

Difference between saving vs investing let’s see who wins the race🤔

What Is Saving?

I know you all know what is saving but if somebody doesn’t know what is saving let me explain to them okay if you earn Rs 20000 rupees in a month and you put aside Rs 5000 for emergency purposes for future use basically that is called saving in simple words.

Why saving is important?

Saving is important for your emergency purpose you never know what will happen tomorrow for that you need to be ready. You don’t have extra savings there is a high probability that if you need that money whether for a health emergency or whatever emergency in the future you need to ask someone for the money so better to have your saving so that you won’t need to do that.

What is investing?

When you put your saving into the stock market, business, or any other thing in which you think that your saved money can grow over a longer period of time basically it is called investing in simple words okay.

Why investing is important?

As I already said investing helps you to grow your saved money. Over a period of time due to inflation, your saving can lose value. That’s why to protect your money, and your wealth, you need to do investing in a particular place where you think that your money can beat the inflation rate and you can enjoy your life without getting any problems.

Difference between saving vs investing?

01Everyone knows about savingHardly people know about investing
02Saving is easy to doInvesting is a little bit hard to do
03Anyone can do savingNot everyone can do investing
04Saving is used for emergencyInvesting is used for creating wealth
05Saving is short termInvesting is long term
06Saving loses value with inflationInvesting gain or lose over the period of time
07In saving, you works for moneyIn investing, money works for you
08Saving requires less planningInvesting requires more planning
09Saving involves low riskInvesting involves high
10You can’t become rich by savingYou can become rich by investing
11Poor and middle-class focus on savingRich people focus on investing
Difference Between Saving vs Investing

Why is saving safer than investing?

The only reason why many people think that saving is safer than investing is that you keep your money with yourself that’s why people think that the money is safe with them and while investing they have to invest in somebody. In short, they think they have to give that money to someone else if something wrong happens then they will lose their money that’s why many people think that saving is safer than investing.

Otherwise, if you see the reality saving is also risky like investing when you save your money the money which you save loses its value over a period of time due to inflation. So if you think carefully again you will notice that saving is also not safe.

How important is investing or saving?

Listen saving and investing both have their own value right and they have their purpose. Can’t say that investing is important and saving is not important or you can’t say that saving is important and investing is not important no both are equally important the reason behind this is simple both have their own purpose right saving is used for emergencies and investing is used for creating wealth. I hope you got it that investing and saving both are important for everyone. You can’t only be dependent on saving and also you can’t be only dependent on investing you have to have both.


Should I save money or invest money?

One should save money and also invest money because both are equally important.

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