Difference Between Lower Class vs Middle Class vs Upper Class

Do you know which class do you belong? Most often answer many of will give that they belong to middle class but wait after you go through the article the difference between lower class vs middle class vs upper class you most of will change the way you look yourself.

First of all these classes are classified based on the income range according to individual. So if you try to diversify these are classified on 4 categories. 4 categories shocked but yeah its true. Let me break down for you to better understanding.

I know because many people only talk about middle class vs upper class or lower class vs middle class vs upper class. No problem now you will know okay.

See to it that classes can be different with respect to their country and economic.

According to PRICE ( People Research on India’s Consumer Economy ) research says that if someone who has the annual income of 5- 30 lakhs Indian Rupee then that person can consider themselves in middle class.

Types of Classes

  1. Poor Class
  2. Lower Class
  3. Middle Class
  4. Upper Class

1. Poor Class

If your income is less than 1.25 lakh Indian Rupee annually then you might call yourself poor class.

2. Lower Class

If your income is in between 1.25 – 5 lakh Indian Rupee annually then you might call yourself lower class.

3. Middle Class

If your income is in between 5 – 30 lakh Indian Rupee annually then you might call yourself middle class.

4. Upper Class

If your income is more than 30 lakh Indian Rupee annually then you might call yourself upper class.

I know you might be happy or sad after reading this. But the actual thing is yet to be disclosed. Because this not the whole picture. If you want to know in deep where you stand, you should follow the next step.

  1. Know your annual income
  2. How many people are dependent on you in your family
  3. Divide your total annual income by each person
  4. Now say in which class you belong

Lets say Ram earns 6 lakh annually ok. He things he got a good package and he thinks that he belongs to middle class. Once he knows about this method he tries to calculate. In his family 4 people are dependent on him. That means 6 lakh divided by 5 which comes out to be 1.2 lakh individually annual income. Now what.. what did you think shocked? The same happened with Ram when he knew that. You also try and let me know what yours income coming if calculated individually?

Now what to do once you know which class you belong?

Well frankly speaking no matter whether you belong to middle class or lower class or poor class it does not matter. You should be great and should be thankful that you got the opportunity to make yourself and climb to the top which is upper class or rich class.

One of the famous quote heard that I heard and I am sure after listening you too will be glad or get some motivation. The quotes say that

If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake.

– Bill Gates

I hope you will take a lessons from this article and this wonderful quote also.

So instead of blaming your family, your situation, your school, your colleges, your friends, your society, your life, everyone.

Be brave and fight for your goals rather than talking rubbish like other and most of the unsuccessful people. It’s in your hand either to make excuses or work every single day to achieve and change the class if you are not satisfied in which right now you belong.

Quick Tips

  1. Master one skill
  2. Learn more about personal finance
  3. Read books
  4. Consume content regarding your career

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