How To Grow Your Money Fast: 14 Useful Strategies

Looking at how to grow your money fast despite of trying everything you have failed to grow your money. I am providing you with the best 14 useful strategies that will seriously help you to grow your money. The only thing you have to do is read the full article carefully and I am definitely sure before the article ends you will have confidence that you too can grow your money like other successful people without wasting any more time let’s start how to grow your money.

How To Grow Your Money

  1. Mindset
  2. Know Your Financial Goals
  3. Have A Budget
  4. Track Your Expenses
  5. Pay Yourself First
  6. Emergency Fund
  7. Save Money
  8. Invest In Yourself
  9. Invest Money
  10. Save Tax Legally
  11. Change Your Investing Option At Regular Interval
  12. Stay Away From Debt
  13. Start Doing Side Hustle
  14. Ask For Advice

1. Mindset

Listen to make money, grow money, achieve anything, or do anything in life the first thing you have to be clear is that you have a proper mindset. If you don’t have a proper mindset unfortunately you will not going to get that thing. Harsh truth so first you have to fix there you need to have to make your mind clear okay?

If you want to become rich or if you want to grow your wealth or for anything first you need to make up your mind you have to think positively that you can achieve any goal. If you are looking at how to grow your money but subconsciously hate money you are not going to get money trust me or not but it’s too. So from today onwards change your mindset.

2. Know Your Financial Goals

Listen most of you or I can say more than 95% of the reader you are reading this article you don’t have any financial goal. Why I am so sure? Simple if anyone has a financial goal they will most probably not have any problem growing wealth or money most of the time.

Anyways you should know your financial goal what exactly you are looking why you want to grow your wealth, and if your why is clear everything will go smoothly for you in order to live your life happily. Knowing your financial goals will automatically help you to save more money or you can say grow your money more.

3. Have A Budget

If you seriously want to grow your money you need to have a budget you have to stick to budget. I know making a budget is hard for many people but it’s not like that unless you find the right person to create a budget and stick to it it becomes very easy. If you want you can read that if you don’t know how to create a budget. The thing is that you need to have discipline if you don’t make your financial decision wisely you are going to spend your money anywhere that you don’t actually want in order to grow your money.

4. Track Your Expenses

Track your expenses the favorite line of mine which I most of the time say. Track your expenses if you can’t track it, you can’t manage it either. Whether you want to gain weight all lose weight you need to track your weight. In the same way in order to grow your money you need to track your expenses whether you are spending your money on the right things or you are just wasting your money on unnecessary things. Tracking your expenses will indirectly or directly help you to grow your money to the next level.

5. Pay Yourself First

People fail to do this and if you seriously want to see your financial graph going up you need to pay yourself first as soon as you get your paycheck. I know there are lots of things to do when you get your payment but it will be the same and it will be throughout your life. Before the payment you get you have already the list of things that you need to do. So you have to do is pay yourself.

Because tell me most of you think to save money at the end and tell me how many times did you get success in that? Shall I say not a single time? Because there are so many things to do that you don’t even remember about paying yourself at the end before you pay yourself you already had wipe out your account by clearing all the expenses that you had.

6. Emergency Fund

Emergency funds play a very important role in financial goals. Never know what will happen tomorrow. So in order to get prepared for that financial problem you need to have an emergency fund which is very important. The need for emergency funds becomes very important for each and everywhere.

The deficiency of emergency funds can cause huge problems for many people and many people saw this seen couple of years back when we had a pandemic. People were struggling to have money they were short of funds. So it is highly recommended that to be prepared and make your emergency fund as soon as possible to live your life in a healthy manner.

7. Save Money

If somebody asks me how to grow money fast I reply to them save money. People don’t understand that saving money is also a huge achievement for them and the second thing is that if they save money they indirectly or directly help to grow their money. Got it so saving money is very important in order to grow your money but people struggle to save money. Number one I had talked above you need to first pay yourself as soon as you get your paycheck.

The second question that you will ask me is how much to save well there is no hard and fast rule but you can try to save at least 10% of your monthly income. Let’s say you earn 25000 Rs so you need to save at least 2500 Rs every month. I know it may be small for anyone or big for anyone but it doesn’t matter I have given just an example. Why only 10% this is not my recommendation. Basically, I had heard this from a very popular book named Richest Man In Babylon and the concept of saving at least 10% of monthly income.

If you want to become rich if you want to grow your money if you want to live in a healthy manner or if you want to retire early you need to at least try to save a minimum of 10% of your monthly income.

8. Invest In Yourself

I know when you listen to the word invest the one thing that comes to your mind is to invest in a stock market or in bonds or whatever but people fail to realize that investing in themselves can provide them an infinite written which no other investment option in the world can you. This is the most underrated way to grow your money. Investing in yourself simply means upgrading your skills. Listen when you upgrade your skill you will directly upgrade your income which will result in the growth of your income.

9. Invest Money

This is the most popular way to grow your money. In order to grow your money you need to invest money so you can invest your money in the stock market, bonds, or any other investment option. What you think is that it is right for you, which is right according to your risk appetite, which is right according to your financial goals. You have to ask these questions to yourself before investing your money.

So you can invest your money in that particular sector but before you put money anywhere I highly recommend you to do your own analysis or homework before putting money anywhere because it’s investing there is a chance of growing so also there is a chance of losing your money. If you don’t do it in a proper way do proper homework before putting money anywhere I am saying again and again I know it.

10. Save Tax Legally

Many people don’t know that they can save tax legally. Unfortunately, they pay a huge amount of tax which any financially educated people will not do. It is not bad to give taxes but if you are not aware that you pay a huge amount of tax and after that, you say that the government takes huge taxes from common people then it’s your fault.

Because there are lots of investment options that provide you with tax advantages you need to have an eye on them and take advantage because they are made for you. Names of some tax advantage-providing investment options are Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY), Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS), Public Provident Fund (PPF), etc.

11. Change Your Investing Option At Regular Intervals

It’s very important because many people don’t understand that depending on only one investment throughout life is not good. To elaborate, let’s say if you are at the age of 20 your risk-taking capacity is much higher. So here you can invest more money in equity because you can take more risk but at the same time when you are getting older day by day at 45 so here your goal will be to protect your wealth rather than growing massively at high risk.

So it depends as you get older and older or depending on your financial goals one should need to change the investment option from time to time.

12. Stay Away From Debt

Suppose you are already in debt no matter whether you are in good debt or bad debt or for whatever reason you had taken debt. Guys you are already in the red zone and if things go like this you can’t grow your money to the next level because in order to raise your money you need to save money or invest money.

But as you get your money or you will put that money to repay your debt so in that case the chances of growing becomes very low. Here you need to clear your loan as soon as possible so that you can grow your wealth to the next level if you have not taken a loan that’s very good and staying away from debt is a much wiser decision than involving in that and clearing all that debt now and then.

13. Start Doing Side Hustle

It’s the best way to grow your money because doing a side hustle provides you with financial stability in your money graph. If you work a 9 to 5 job you can work 1 hour to 2 hours depending on your willpower you can work daily after coming from your job. By doing so you can make some extra amount of money and the best part of that side is that many people say that their side hustle creates huge opportunities to leave their current job yes it is true so don’t neglect the power of side hustle.

14. Ask For Advice

If you are facing a problem you are free to ask for advice. There are lots of financial advisors in the market. You can go with one-to-one consultancy regarding your finances. But if you struggle with your money and you don’t want to pay money to these advisors. I have the best alternative you can read personal finance blogs, videos on YouTube, and books on personal finance.

How to grow your money as a student

How to grow your money as a student?

If you are a student there is a high probability that you don’t have lots of money because your primary goal is to focus on your studies. But there are times when you get a gift or money for pocket money. In that case, you can use that money to grow rather than just keep it in your wallet. You can get a fixed deposit for your savings and if you have knowledge regarding investing you can invest your money in mutual funds which are safe to invest and you can see your money growing. Again do get your parent’s help before putting money anywhere because as a student you don’t have that much idea.

How to grow your money by tax saving options?

There are lots of tax-saving investment options where one can save a huge amount of money which will indirectly or directly help you to grow your money, for example, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY), Senior Citizen Saving Schemes (SCSS), public provident fund (PPF), employee Provident Fund (EPF), there are some other options also available one can use that in a smartly to save huge amount of tax which will help you to grow your money at the end.

How to grow your money by Investing

How to grow your money by Investing?

One can invest money in the following things to grow their money:-

  1. Stock Market
  2. Bonds
  3. Saving Schemes
  4. Real Estate
  5. Gold
  6. Deposits

How to grow your money by increasing money?

If you are working in any company where you don’t get an increment in your salary from time to time. It’s time to ask for an increment in your salary or if not possible for them to raise your salary. So you can switch your jobs also if needed which will help you to grow your money instantly.

How to grow your money fast what it means?

Actually, if you do and implement all these strategies in your life I am sure that you will see the changes. But don’t expect to become a millionaire or billionaire in one day following these steps. Okay if you follow daily religiously you can become millionaire or billionaire one day. But only following for a few days won’t make any changes. Keep that in mind.

Is it possible to become rich fast?

Listen becoming rich fast is a scam. Seriously telling people few spend 5-6 years some take decades and many take their whole life to become rich. And you are looking for a shortcut to become rich. No way you can’t become rich overnight. Overnight or quick rich schemes are scams understand it now. Unless and until you get the lottery you are not going to become rich in a few days.

Also don’t fall into this stupid stuff like gambling or lottery to become rich. People who want to escape hard work look for shortcuts. Are you lazy? No right, keep working hard. You will achieve your goals one day.

Final Call

I am definitely sure that if you follow some of the strategies which I mentioned above will help you to grow your money if you follow it religiously and with the proper discipline. You will see noticeable results in months.


What is the fastest way to grow money?

There is no shortcut to grow your money.

How to increase my money?

Upgrade the level of skill so that you can increase the money. Also, you can invest money.

Can I double my money in 5 years?

Yes if you can get around 14-15% annual return you can double your money in 5 years.

How much time does it take to grow your money?

It takes some months to grow your money and to grow your wealth it takes years.

Can I grow my money fast in a few days?

No, never unless and until you win the lottery. But lottery or gambling is not recommended.

I hope you like the article how to grow your money fast: 14 useful strategies. Start implementing those strategies in your life to see magic. Comment below what else do want to read I would love to write an article on that. If you like don’t forget to share because sharing is caring.

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