How to earn monthly income from stock market – 3 easy move

How to earn monthly income from stock market are you looking for that you are landed on the right page.

Note:- I am not giving any recommendation this is just for education purposes. So do your own analysis before putting money anywhere.

Let’s directly jump into how to earn monthly income from stock market or share market.

3 Main ways to make money from Stock Market

  1. Growing Stocks
  2. Dividend Paying Stocks
  3. Trading

1. Growing Stocks

If you are looking to make money from the stock market one of the best ways to make money stock market is to invest money in stocks which will result in you earning money. I know earning monthly income from stocks will not be possible but yeah you can get at least some passive income from stocks which will help you financially.

When you buy stock and the share price of stock prices rises over a period of time in that case you can make a good amount of money. For example, you buy xyz name stock at 10rs price and after a couple of months, it gets up to 50rs. So you had made a good amount of money without doing anything.

Advantages of growing stocks

  1. You can make passive income from stocks without doing anything.
  2. If you are looking to invest money long term then this can be a good choice

Disadvantage of growing stocks

  1. If you are investing your money in new stock chances are that might collapse so the chances of loss are also there so you have to keep in mind that also.
  2. You can’t always catch the right stock that will give you a huge return in a few months or years
  3. There is high volatility in the stock market you can lose your all capital if you don’t have proper research

2. Dividend Paying Stocks

Yes, you were looking somewhat like this option. There are many monthly dividend-paying stocks in the stock market so you have to see to it. But you have to see that they are providing you dividends on a monthly, quarterly basis, or yearly basis.

This is good or I can say the best option to make more money other than your salary. If you are looking to become a millionaire this option can be like the cherry on the cake.

Advantages of dividend-paying stocks

  1. There are high chance of growth for the company
  2. A low amount of money is needed. You can still invest that money whether you are in your early teenage or you have low capital to invest in stocks.
  3. The best part of the stocks is you can diversify your portfolio.

Disadvantage of dividend-paying stocks

  1. There is a high chance if some stocks are providing high dividends they might be not working well. Because when you look at a good company or a very growing company they usually don’t give that much dividend as compared to what the newly dividend-paying company gives so you have to keep in mind that also.

3. Trading

Trading but this can’t be passive income like the above two options which you can generate passive income from the stock market. But in trading, you have to be more active and disciplined compared to investing to make money.

Basically, trading is the buying and selling of stock for a few duration of time. Let’s say one can do trading for 5 minutes 10 minutes or a couple of hours.

There are lots of trading options one can do intraday trading, options trading, swing trading, position trading, scalping trading, commodity trading, etc

Advantages of trading

  1. Here in trading, you have the opportunity to make daily income. You can make 1 percent per day on your portfolio which is 30% ( I know you are going to make a profit but sometimes you have to accept a loss )
  2. You can get the profit in 1 -2 trades and you are done for the day.

Disadvantage of trading

  1. Trading can be stressful.
  2. If you don’t know about trading anything you can literally wipe out your account in one trade.
  3. It’s not easy and it is not recommended for a beginner who is looking to start the investing journey. Basically, this is not investing it is trading both are different.
  4. If you don’t have discipline, if you don’t have money management, if you don’t have discipline I highly suggest staying out of trading.


If you are looking to earn monthly income from the stock market the best option for you is to look for dividend-paying stock which can provide you monthly income from the stock market. It can be difficult from growing stocks but not always possible to earn monthly income from stocks. Yes from dividends you can get and if you are good with trading as well.


Can you make 10% a month in stocks?

Yes, you can make 10% in a month in stocks but seriously talking it’s a very rare case. 10% monthly means 120% annual and don’t you think that it’s not possible for every human to achieve this target okay it’s possible but it’s rare.

Do stocks pay you monthly?

Yes, there are many stocks that pay monthly dividends you need to do homework to find out those stocks but yes there are stocks.

Is 30 too late to invest money in stocks?

Listen no matter what your age is the day you realize that you should start investing you should start your investing journey without delaying it further.

I am a beginner can I start investing in the stock market?

Yes, you can start investing in the stock market because everyone was first beginner in the stock market before calling them an expert.

Do I need a huge amount of wealth to enter the stock market?

No totally false. Many people have created myths that you need a huge amount of wealth in the stock market if you want to enter. You can start with a small amount also.

Which book is best for the stock market?

Well seriously speaking this is what Warren Buffett says Intelligent Investor is the best book for the stock market and you have to agree because it is. I know not for beginners but you can read if you want.

Where should I invest if I am a beginner in the stock market?

Index funds very good option for anyone who is looking to invest money in the stock market.

The stock market is the fastest way to become rich?

No … There are many doors to become rich I don’t know why people get stuck with only one door. Go and try to open another door might that be the fastest way to become rich for you?

Can I start with 100Rs in the stock market?

Yes… One can start their investing journey with 100 Rs

I hope you got the answer on how to earn monthly income from stock market. Looking for more content comment below I would love to make content on that. Before going share because sharing is caring.

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