How To Escape The Rat Race – 8 Simple Steps

You are also struggling in the rat race that’s why you search for how to escape the rat race then you are on the right page. Give me a couple of minutes and before the article ends you will find the best solution how to escape the rat race in simple steps. I know, you know but someone who doesn’t know the rat race so let’s see first what exactly is the rat race.

What is the rat race?

Basically, the rat race simply means that people are struggling day and night working hard and competing with each other but in the end they find nothing. When you consider the proverb one can imagine a rat running but not getting anywhere. You can better understand this by seeing the below image. Also as a human, many people are in the rat race and unfortunately, they don’t even know that.

How does the rat race look like?

Rat race can be different for different people but at the end of the day, they all are in one category which is the rat race. Some people work 9 to 5 jobs to meet the basic necessities of needs of the family or to pay admission fees. Some looking to own an apartment near the sea beach for that they work day and night to achieve that goal.

But most of the time, it is seen that many people just live their life as it is going without any aim. It is not wrong to say that the rat race is directionless, no goals, no reasons why they are doing they just keep working like others.

If you are also looking to retire at the age of 60 that means congratulations you are in a rat race like others. I know that you want to escape the rat race so stay tuned with me.

How do people get into a rat race?

There are lots of reasons why many people get into the trap of a rat race most of the time people get into a rat race unconsciously and the worst part is that they don’t even know that they are in the trap of a rat race.

1. By following crowd

The most common reason why many people get into the trap is because of the following crowd. Tell me one thing if you are preparing for medical or to become an engineer or any profession you are in today is that your personal choice to choose that profession or someone else? I am definitely sure that 9 out of 10 answers will be someone else has recommended.

2. Traditional way approach

You talk about doing a government job or doing any kind of job. With lots of love and respect, I am not disrespecting any of the profession. I am just asking questions there are so many opportunities in another profession. Why you all are looking to get a job in medical, engineering, or an MBA? A big question mark for you isn’t it?

Don’t you think? I don’t think so because there are much more better opportunities available in this world which are undiscovered by many people there is a huge probability of success in that for you. In spite of competing with all for only one thing.

3. Without Knowing

Said earlier also that many people unfortunately get into the trap of a rat race. They don’t even know that the thing that they are doing right now is called a rat race. There is a high chance you are reading this you might be also in a rat race.

Why is it important to escape the rat race?

Some of the most important reasons there are why one should seriously look to escape the rat race.

1.No Time

Listen if you don’t get time for anything let’s say for the moment forget about everything just focus on only one thing. If you don’t get the time for yourself? Are you doing the right thing for yourself you are doing a good job for yourself by struggling in the rat race?

2. Not good bonding with Family

If you are struggling in the rat race working day and night for the job and in the end you don’t have a good bonding with the family members. Don’t you think that something is going wrong because, in the end, you are working for them? If you can’t give time if you can’t have a good relationship if you don’t know what exactly going on in your family because you are already so engaged in your work or you can say so confused in the rat race.

3. Poor Health

Oh man, how much money you have accumulated if you don’t have proper health seriously you have wasted your whole life. Listen your goal is not to be only money and money you need proper health right. You can’t live your whole life like that. So in order to have proper health you need to give time but you fail to do so because of your so-called profession you are not able to take care of. So again time to think about that.

4. Pushing Yourself

Morning alarm clock rings and you stop the alarm clock and you don’t want to wake up but you still wake up because you have lots of work to do. You are not willing to go to that job by yourself but still, you go and work hard and then come back home after working the whole day. Still, this is not the first time it happened to you it happens most of the time. Do you think are you doing justice that you do things you hate?

5. Looking to follow passion

Looking to follow your passion but due to the rat race, you are not able to follow your passion. You need to escape the rat race to follow your passion if you looking for it otherwise forget about your passion.

6. Rich

Mark my words if you want to become rich if you want to live a luxurious life you can’t do that by working day and night in the job. No matter how much you work hard throughout life, the probability of becoming a millionaire or rich becomes very low. You need to understand the pattern that how job has been created so that the bottom line for the employee if want to become rich with the help of a job they need to work throughout their life.

Then there probability is very low that they can become rich otherwise most of them don’t even get to that position so if you look to become rich with this job or this traditional approach you are not going to get to that.

7. Something is missing

After doing everything at the end of the day most of the time you feel like something is missing in your life than simply men’s that you are looking for something else but you are doing something else. Are you getting what I am trying to say here you need to clear your goals?

How to escape the rat race?

I have provided some steps so that you can follow them step by step. It is recommended to follow step by step to see a better result. Otherwise, it’s up to you.

  1. Know where you stand
  2. Write down your goals
  3. Save more and Invest that money
  4. Upgrade skills
  5. Do some side hustle
  6. Create more assets
  7. Track your progress
  8. Repeat

1. Know where you stand

Seriously if you are looking to escape the rat race you should understand where exactly you are standing right now. This becomes very important you need to know yourself so that you can take the second step but if you fail to implement this step you are not going anywhere and I highly recommend that know your position how much money, and how much expense you have to get a clear idea.

2. Write down your goals

Writing down your goals is very important I know you have goals in your mind and before that, I know most of you don’t even have goals. But if someone has a goal in their mind that is not actually the thing that you want. You want the goal should be written, you want to see your goals where you visit most of the time in your house.

So that you will work really hard to achieve your dreams the probability of achieving or you can say escaping the rat race becomes very fast when you have written goals and is in front of you.

3. Save more and invest that money

Now it’s time when you know where you stand and you know your goals. After that, you need to save lots of money because in order to escape the rat race you have to seriously cut down your expenses. You need to listen because things won’t change until you change.

So you need to take the step to cut down your expenses you need to save lots of money. When you save that money you have to invest that money you can’t rely on saving. You need to invest money so that you get a good amount of money in return and help you escape the rat race as soon as possible to make you financially free.

4. Upgrade skills

I know you are talented you are very intelligent but for now, keep that small amount of ego side and start learning. I am saying here learn new skills that will indirectly or directly help you to escape the rat race. Skill is much more important than the degree you have to agree to this.

5. Do some side hustle

Listen you work 9-5 or whatever time but after you come home what you do exactly decides where you are going in your future. Are you getting what I am trying to say? 9 to 5 is only for your survival but after that, 6 to 10 decides your destiny. So I highly recommend you to start doing some side hustle so that you earn more money which will help you to escape the rat race.

6. Create more assets

In order to escape the rat race you need to have some assets that can generate income or it would be better to say passive income. So focus on creating assets that will help you to escape the rat race easily.

7. Track your progress

Now you need to track your progress from time to time whether you are doing right or not. No problem but you have to track it so that you can have an idea of how much time you need to get to your destination. If you are doing something wrong you can correct that also and you will achieve your targets.

8. Repeat

Repeat repeat repeat you need to repeat this process when you get stuck repeat this process so that you can easily escape the rat race.

Challenges you may face while trying to escape the rat race?

It’s better for you if you know the challenges that will come in your route so that you will be prepared to overcome them.

  1. Lack of motivation
  2. Disturb
  3. Fail
  4. Restricted
  5. Lots of work
  6. Health problem sometimes
  7. Quitting feeling

Bonus tips to escape the rat race?

I am sure that these bonus tips will help you more in escaping the rat race.

  1. Never listen to any advice of people who have not done anything in their life
  2. Get your spouse with you so that you can escape the rat race
  3. Make daily small steps so that you can easily achieve that goal
  4. Surround yourself with a goal-oriented person who helps you to push towards your goals.

How much do you need to escape the rat race?

I know you were looking for this how much do you need to escape the rat race exactly? There is no exact answer because it is different from person to person but I can give you an example so that you can know how much you need to escape the rat race.

If your monthly expense is around 30000 Rs. and you work a day and night at the job you get a monthly salary of 30000 Rs. I know that you don’t left with any single rupee at the end. So if you can create some asset which can give you 30000 Rs every month passively then this is the sign that you are getting out of that rat race.

Final Call

I hope now you have an idea of how to escape the rat race. Don’t lose hope. Work daily unless the goal is achieved.


Is it easy to escape the rat race?

No not at all easy but if one has a strong why and will then everything is possible.

Can anyone escape the rat race?

Yes anyone can escape the rat race if they seriously want to do so.

What is the most important factor of a person who escapes the rat race?

Discipline is the most important factor if you want to escape the rat race. I know you need hard work, dedication, and consistency but discipline is what keeps you going towards your goal if you have it.

Rat race the best example?

Your 9-5 Job is the best example. Rat race example for students can be like following 2-3 options like medical, engineering, and MBA.

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