First 1 Crore Is Hard

Tina is now celebrating 50th birthday with a Corpus of more than 16 Crore.

Everyone was shocked how she did?

One friend asked how she created so much wealth?

Tina told when she when she was 20 year old she was surfing YouTube and 1 video she saw of personalfinancejarurihai was Secrets of Rich ( REVEALED ). Though it was 3 Minute video but it changed my next 30 years.

Tina explained the whole video and her friend was regretting.

If you don’t want to regret read the article might you will be the next who can change next 30 years investing 3 Minute.

Let’s understand how Tina created 16 Crore Corpus.

Listen the first thing you have to do is make your first 1 Crore anyhow.

Anyhow means work day and night, don’t waste any single penny on unwanted things, live below your means.

I don’t care whether you take 3 years, 5 years or 10 years to make your first 1 crore just go and work to accumulate 1 crore.

If you don’t know how to make 1 crore just give me few minutes. I will let you know.

Once you made your first 1 crore. Now you need to invest that 1 crore in a place where you can grow your money. Index fund is best if you are novice or any type of investors.

Disclaimer: You can diversify your 1 crore investment according to your risk and appetite. Also do your own analysis before putting money anywhere.

Tina knows that Index fund is definitely going to grow her money because she knows that her country is going to grow in future and she can get atleast 15% taking very less risk. So she invested 1 crore in index fund.

According to Rule of 72, if you can get 15% on your investment that means you can double your money in every almost 5 years.

Once Tina knows that she implemented in her life.

She took 10 years to make 1 crore. When she was 30 she made her first 1 crore.

Now Tina was my subscriber 😂 so she acted smart and put that money in investing rather than doing show off like others saying everyone ” I am crorepati. ”

So when she turned 50th she was enjoying her life with 10 crore Corpus. You can see the chart of the money growth over the period of time.

301 Crore
352 Crore
404 Crore
458 Crore
5016 Crore

When you look first 1 crore took 10 year but next 10 crore took only 20 years.

You will say we understood but you said you will help us how to make 1 crore. Yeah read this.

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