7 Reasons Why You Are Poor Today

Do you know what you seriously don’t care about yourself? That’s why you are poor today. Seriously speaking if you don’t like being poor why are you not working hard or repeating the same money mistakes again and again? If you seriously want to become rich in 2024 avoid these 7 mistakes.

After reading this you will get to know the 7 reasons why you are poor today. So do rectify the mistakes to live a happy life in the future.

No. 7 You Do Gambling Not Investing

Listen no matter how big a degree you have or how smart you are in your respective field but if you don’t know about finance you are not going to become rich in the future. You need to know how to make money from money I am talking about investment. And you too know what you do with investing actually you just watch others and do the same investing without analyzing or without homework and do you know what it is called gambling not investing?

Do proper study before putting money anywhere you can’t put your all hard-earned money without knowing anything about that stock or business. If you do like this forget about making money you will lose all that you have. So keep in mind. Anyone can do gambling but investing requires knowledge.

No. 6 Only 1 Income Source Or No Income Source

Listen first of all if you don’t have any income source go find out. Because if you don’t have any income source you will be poor. But that doesn’t mean that if you have got 1 income source you will become rich. This is so wrong. And I have seen many people surviving on 1 income source which is very wrong. What if you lose your job or some pandemic happens so what will do? It is very risky so that’s why you need to make another source of income which will help you if your one income source stops you have other to survive.

No. 5 You Always Look For Show Off

Ask yourself one question what was the last thing you purchased by looking at what your relatives, friends, or neighbours purchased? I am sure that when you ask yourself you will know that there are lots of things that you purchased just because of show off. Trust me friend showing off is the faster way to become rich. I highly suggest you stop that. While doing this you not only save money but also have peace of mind.

No. 4 You Believe In Quick Rich Schemes

Are you lazy? You will say no. But you are. That’s why you believe in quick rich schemes. Because you know that you cannot do hard work or you think that your job cannot make you rich which is not true. Every job in the world has the potential to make you rich but the thing is do you have that ability or not. Listen the more value you give the more earning you can simple.

No. 3 You Hate Money

If subconsciously or consciously hate money you are not going to make money. I saw many people saying that money is bad or I don’t want money, don’t chase money etc all this rubbish. If you also do this so stop otherwise leave it you are always going to struggle in your life when it comes to money. So from today onwards you will never say bad about money okay?

No. 2 Your Spending Are More Than Your Earning

Are you crazy if know that you are 1K$ every month so why do you want to do the expense of 1.5K$? I mean how? What’s wrong with you all? You need to control your expenses in order do to that you need to make sure that you make a budget that will make you disciplined with money.

No. 1 You Don’t Know Personal Finance

No matter you are a doctor, engineer, or from any other background you need to about personal finance. You need to know how to save money, about investing, debt, real estate, tax, etc all this topic. To live a happy life one should know these. Another thing is that if you want to retire early then also you should know this.

I hope now you know why you are poor so avoid these mistakes to become rich or achieve your financial goals. But you know yourself much better ask yourself why you are poor and what things are holding you back from becoming rich. So today’s homework is to take a pen and paper write down why you are poor and list down everything and after that work on every single day to make a better version of yourself.

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