Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons (12)

In this article, we are going to see Rich Dad Poor Dad lessons so that we can quickly understand what exactly the book is all about. In this book, Robert Kiyosaki beautifully explained the concept of rich and poor by narrating his own story of how he managed both the father’s rich dad and Poor Dad although the Poor Dad was his dad and the rich dad was his friend’s dad.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons No.1

I can’t afford it. Poor Dad always says that he can’t afford anything. Whereas Rich Dad always says how can I afford it. The reason behind saying that is Rich Dad says that the moment we say I can’t afford it our brain stops working and if we say how can I afford it the brain gets activated and work because of that are brain muscle does exercise and there are high chances that we find the way to afford that things or achieve that.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons No.2

Money is bad Poor Dad says that whereas Rich Dad always says that money is good. Listen if you are saying bad about that particular thing you are not going to get that thing in the future. Because let’s understand this concept by taking the example if somebody insults you or says wrong about you. Will you happily talk with that person or say no to them? Everything in the universe works like that if you say bad about anything you are definitely sure that you will not get that thing in the future too.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons No.3

Poor and middle-class people work for money and the rich have money working for them. If you see there is a lot and lot of massive difference between them the first person is working for it and the second one already has the money is working for them there is he huge probability that the second guy is definitely sure to be successful in future.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons No.4

No matter how much money you make it is important how much money you keep. This is true you also know many people think that if they will make much amount of money then they will save money but it is not true. If you are capable to save some amount of money from that small amount then you can save that too in a big amount also but if you can’t save money whether you get a low or high salary it will not make any sense for you.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons No.5

Difference between asset and liability. People think that they have lots of assets but in reality, they don’t know the difference between asset and liability. Assets are something that puts money into your pocket and liability is something that takes money away from your pocket if you see asset and liability you will find out that you will have 99% of the thing that will be long to your liability column so sad but this is what reality is.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons No.6

Rich always focus on the asset columns whereas poor and middle-class people always focus on the income statement. Many people have the habit of saying and trying to grow their income statement I want to say that in short, they are always eager to increase their salary only on. But if you see the rich their focus is on their asset columns. You can call it a network, things which will help them to grow their net worth, and the middle class only talks about the salary they don’t even know what is net worth is. ( yeah most of them it is true 😂 )

Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons No.7

If you talk about the tax system with lower and middle-class people they will say only one thing government takes all the money which we earn. They will say that government is selfish and so they don’t think about our common people. If you talk tax with the rich they will say that government is good and they make a good tax system.

The reality is that the rich know about the tax system is all about how they can save tax legally whereas the poor and middle have to lack knowledge of tax that’s why they think that systems are very high.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons No.8

The most powerful assets we all have our mind if it is trained well can create enormous wealth. If you talk to any successful people they will always say this line try to invest yourself what they actually mean is that learn skills, experience new things, and try to learn new skills so that you can have better knowledge in your career.

Middle class and poor class only know that they are done with their studies this is absolutely a stupid mindset you can’t depend on the education system to teach you everything guys are you understanding what you are saying don’t do that. Learning is a lifetime process in which you have to learn things to earn.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons No.9

Work to learn don’t work for money. If you don’t understand this ok I will try to explain work to learn basically is a concept that we get confused that basically if you are going to job okay your perspective should be like that you should learn how work is done, the process of the company works, how the fundamental of the company works, what are the Xyz anything of a company this is what work to learn is all about.

If you are like waiting for the 30 or 31st day to get that paycheck and repeating the cycle again and again throughout your whole life. No, you can’t do that this is what basically is working for money you can call. So work to learn don’t work for money.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons No.10

The difference between rich and poor is how they manage their fear. For most people, the reason that they don’t win financially is that the pain of losing money is far greater than the joy of being rich. This is what the statement was given in the Rich poor dad book.

I hope now you all are clear and if I want to give another example of that fairness is that we as a middle class and poor people are very scared about money that if we want to invest some amount of money in particular stocks we will question 1000 of times that will I get the money back, will I don’t lose the money, extra and so on.

Why do we always think in terms of negative why don’t we think positively all time? This is all that fears hold the middle class and poor class to stay what they are at present. Whereas rich people know how to manage that’s why they are going ahead

Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons No.11

Choose friends carefully with the power of association. If you want to understand this line in this lesson I will give a simple example. I am definitely sure that you might have heard that anywhere. You are the average of five people that you spend most of the time with.

I am loud and clear with my statement if you had heard that statement in the past why do you still have that kind of people around you in the current moment ask this question to yourself.

If you are not ready to change your friend circle stick to your paycheck and also what you are getting now you also you will get that in the future too. Changing your friends doesn’t mean that you stop talking to that guy your priority will be to learn something new from that person who knows better than you.

Trying to upgrade yourself for that reason if you change your circle there is nothing wrong with that otherwise go and fulfill your friendship long time no one has a problem you can go with your choice.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Lessons No.12

Find who has done what you want to do. Crazy line? It is true if you want to become successful it is easy you just have to copy what they are doing copy in exam is wrong and trust me or not many things that are thought in our school time is absolutely not right or you can say no justice to your life.

I hope you don’t mind my words but for the change, you have to accept that bitter test otherwise you can’t have all these golden spoons in your hand without doing anything.

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