Money Is Bad?- Logical and Practical Guide 2023

Money is bad…

Money is the root cause of all evil

If you have money that means you are bad

If you have money you will become greedy

If you will get money you will break all relationships

When you will have a lot of money you will change

Stop it…

What’s wrong with you all why do you think like this?

Listen if something can help you to solve a problem in your life if something can be the reason for your or someone’s happiness directly or indirectly how can it be bad or the root cause of all evil?

Tell me one thing if the person has the habit of misusing money whether they have money or not. If they will get the money they will miss using it so here the problem is in his or her upbringing not in money.

If someone helps other people if they will get more money they will help more people I hope you are getting my point about what I am trying to say.

If you hate money so listen carefully to what I am going to say. If someone hates you or talks bad about you there is a high chance that you will not go in front of that person right?

The universe is interconnected with each other in the same way if you hate money how can you have money listen again and think on this topic seriously 😳

So from today onwards you will not say bad about money okay?

I need one thing from you share this video as much as you can so that people should know about the money. Your one share means one life change.

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