How to improve CIBIL score immediately – 9 Tips

You knowingly or unknowingly affected your CIBIL score and now you are struggling or asking in search of how to improve CIBIL score immediately. Well, you are on the right page before we look at how to improve CIBIL score immediately let’s first understand what are CIBIL score in brief.

What is the CIBIL score?

CIBIL score is a three-digit number in short it is a summary of your credit history according to that, the bank decides whether the person can pay the loan on time.

Full form of CIBIL?

Credit Information Bureau India Limited is the full form of Cibil.

Which CIBIL score is called a good CIBIL score?

Well, anything above 750+ is a good CIBIL score.

CIBIL Score Range

300 – 550Poor
550 – 650Average
650 – 750Good
750 – 900Excellent

How to improve CIBIL score immediately?

Unnecessary don’t apply for multiple credit loans within 3-4 months

Listen you can’t do this stupidity. I mean how you cant do this mistake. You need to make sure that which loan is important for you and take that loan. If you apply for multiple loan within 3-4 months. Bank will understand that this person does not have money or is only dependent on money which means that you are more likely dependent on debt and ultimately it will negatively affect your CIBIL score. So see to it that you take loan which is seriously needed for you at that time otherwise you end up losing your CIBIL score every time you repeat this mistake.

Do timely payment and full amount

Do payment on time. If you had taken any loan see to it you stop your other work and first clear your payment on time. If you fail to pay payment on time not only you get charged on that also your CIBIL scores becomes low. See to it that you make your payment on time and try to do full payment.

Don’t check your credit score again and again

I know you all have the habit of checking credit score again. Listen if you check your credit score every time the data has been fatch. It directly or indirectly impacts your cibil score.

Know your credit utilization percentage

If your credit limit is 2 lakh and you spend 90 or 100% of your credit card limit every time. That means your credit card utilization is almost 90%. This signals that he or she person is very much dependent on credit loans. Which creates a negative impact on CIBIL score. So I highly suggest you to make sure that you use at least 30% of credit card limit.

Don’t degrade your credit history

Listen credit history is very important if you to get any loan without any headache. So if you close your credit and apply for new than your old credit history will miss. And you get new credit card you new to again build up the CIBIL score over the period of time. That’s why don’t degrade your credit history.

Pay as soon as possible

Let’s say if you got some bonus or money from anywhere do get your loan cleared as soon as possible. Because its very important if you pay your loan as soon as possible it will help you to improve your CIBIL score.

Use auto pay method

This is a great way if you miss out any pending bills. You can just get the help of auto payment method which will help you to do the payment on time without forgetting the deadline. If you do this and pay the loans on time it will instantly help you to improve the CIBIL score.

Check once a year CIBIL score

You will say one side you say don’t check CIBIL score and now you are saying check CIBIL score. Listen friend I said don’t check your CIBIL score every now and then. You check your CIBIL score one a year to get a idea that whether your CIBIL score is on right path or not.

Create extra soure of income

In improving CIBIL score creating a extra source of income will help you to clear let’s say 9 months loan in 6 months or in short you can clear the loan within less duration. That will help you improve CIBIL score by great margin.


How much time does it take to increase CIBIL score?

Atleast 6 months time it takes to increase the CIBIL score.

Can I get loan on bad CIBIL score?

Its very tough frankly speaking but yeah you can get loan but you need to work hard to get it.

Does checking credit score affect your CIBIL score?

If you check again and again definitely it will going to affect the CIBIL score.

Can I improve my bad CIBIL score?

Yes you can definitely improve need to work hard.

This article can help you to improve CIBIL score immediately if you follow them religiously.

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