How To Become A Billionaire As A Teenagers

How to become a billionaire as a teenagers from zero. Is it possible to become a billionaire in your teenage, how much time does it take to become a billionaire, is there any chance to become a billionaire. The only difference between a millionaire and a billionaire is the letters m and b but it create a huge difference between numbers when you talk about the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire? Let’s have a look at what is millionaire and a billionaire.

Who is called a millionaire?

1M$ = 8,31,24,950.00 Indian Rupee Till date (20 Jan, 2024 )

That means you need 8.31 crores in Indian rupee to actually be counted as a millionaire.

Who is called a billionaire?

If the person has an asset of 1 billion dollars then you can call that person a billionaire.

1 Billion = 83,124,950,000.00 Indian Rupee ( Till 20 Jan, 2024 )

If you are unable to count that number. So you need 8,000 crores to be called a billionaire. It’s true.

That’s why there are only a limited number of billionaires till date. Have a look below.

How many billionaires are there in the world?

According to the report, there are only 3194 people who are billionaires as of 2022 statista report. Shocked but it’s the reality.

That’s why if you think of becoming a billionaire after reading hat’s off to you. Because daring to achieve this number is not everyone can do.

How to become a billionaire in India?

Well frankly speaking there are only a few ways that one can follow to become a billionaire no false promise from my side. Let’s see what possibilities are there we will see ok.


Seriously speaking this when you look at the billionaires there are lots of people from different backgrounds but when you see the pattern there is one thing common in some majority of billionaire is somewhat many are from business background. So if you are thinking about how to become a billionaire as a teenagers. So you need to start looking for problem-solving business ideas that can help you to become a billionaire not overnight but yeah might in some years or decades who knows?

2. Investor

Well definitely you know this you know because everybody knows the name of Warren Buffett the king of investing right and you know what where he is right now he is among the top richest person in the world due to the power of compounding okay. Start investing as soon as possible because when you look at Warren Buffett started his investing journey at the age of 11 and to date he is doing investing okay so no worries that if you are in your 20s or 30s. No problem it’s better to do something rather than nothing okay so at least you will get something instead of nothing.

3. Popular Celebrities

Famous personalities are all over the world and everyone is everyone like to have a selfie with popular celebrities. Still, yeah this is also one of the ways to become a billionaire if you are looking to become very rich or ultra-rich so you can go with this also I know it is hard but yes your dream is also that much. Hence, you need to see yourself capable of doing that so that you can get it okay.

4. Professional Athlete

Well what comes in your mind when I talk about the athlete a famous athlete maybe what Ronaldo, Messi, Michael Jordan or forgive me if I had missed out your favourite personality. Let’s get back to the topic the thing is that yeah they are paid very much well because they are capable of that they actually deserve that thing that’s why they are in that light position. So you can think of this also not a bad idea if you are looking to become a billionaire.

5. Job

Though I know that but this is very very rare case that if you get so much high paying job that can help you to become a billionaire that’s great. But do you think it is possible for you to beat that competition and get that position if yes go ahead.

6. Hereditary

if you think that above five options are not for you then the only option left is with you if you have are reading this yeah I know that this is not. Because if you have that advantage I am pretty sure that you were not reading this article at this time rather inspired by this you were already enjoying somewhere near the beautiful beach and all that you okay.

There might no other ways or I don’t know then there will be some other reason to which I am not aware of maybe or there is one way that I had not mentioned about is gambling and all that rubbish I don’t believe in those scams and all this whatever you call the that scam or chance or anything but that is not the right way that one should think of that’s why I am not considered it ok. And another thing is might any chance will be there which has very low possibility or next to zero possibilities.


I hope now you got it How To Become A Billionaire As A Teenagers.

How to become a billionaire overnight?

Well no you can’t. The only way is gambling which I don’t recommend and the second thing is what’s the probability of yours winning that lottery? Are you sure no so why waste time on stupid things?

How to become a billionaire by 25?

Work hard to make one great problem-solving business like Ritesh Agarwal who become the youngest billionaire in the world. If you have a somewhat great idea you can become another.

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