How Much Money Needed To Become A Cricketer

No one can give an accurate answer to the question of how much money needed to become a cricketer. It is true. But you can get a rough idea of how much you need to become a cricketer.

Cost you need to pay to become a professional cricketer

Most people only talk about academy and match fees but this is not true. There are lot’s of things where one need to bear the cost to become a professional cricketer. Have a look at some of the costs you need to pay if you are looking to become a professional cricketer and looking to play for the nation.

1. Duration

If you are playing for fun as a hobby for 6 months or 1 year then it might not feel you that much. But if you are looking to play for nations and you are 12 or 18 or 20 age you need to give at least 5 years or more, and if you play good cricket then only you can get paid for playing.

If you play for state then only you get paid for playing matches but before that, you need to pay the cost until you reach that level where you get paid for playing. So it’s important to know how much time you want to play you need to calculate.

2. Equipment

Whether you are a bowler, batsman, or wicketkeeper-batsman you all need to have a cricket kit. Usually, cricket kits come around 7000 – 8000 Rs again quality and brand prices might go up to 20,000 also not a big deal it’s common. But If you don’t have that much money 7,000 will go initially. Listen but you need to be prepared if by chance your bat got broken you need to make your pocket ready to buy a new one.

3. Academy Fees

Well, academy fees depend on that particular area, location, and popularity of that academy but you can expect 2000 – 5000 Rs per month. I said it depends usually these might be range again you can see the academy fees by visiting personally.

4. Match Fees

Match fees can be around 500 Rs or again you can expect more or less according to your academy. Tournament fees might be high can go up to 1000 – 2000 Rs. Note this was for small tournaments big tournaments can cost you more fees.

5. Travelling Charge

Travelling charges can be more because you never know where your matches will be held. Again you can expect 200 Rs – 500 Rs per match.

6. Diet

Listen your monthly diet can cost around 3000 – 5000 Rs. It is very important you cant miss this otherwise if you look to save money on the diet you might end up getting injured yourself. Because when you work hard you need to have protein in your diet without fail if you don’t make a proper recovery you might get injured.

7. Medical Emergency

Understand this. Injury is part of the athlete’s journey. You can’t keep yourself out of it. So you have to be ready for that medical emergency pain killer cost, relief spray cost, etc. If needed you might need to visit a doctor or physiotherapist also.

How much monthly cost does one need to pay?

Disclaimer- Might number can vary according to location and inflation.

Equipment – 7000 to 8000 Rs. First-time cost or if you want to replace it.

Medical Emergency – 2000 – 3000 Rs. This is sometimes cost.

Academic Fees – 2000 to 5000 Rs. This is monthly fees.

Match Fees + Travelling Cost – 1500 + 1500 Rs. (Considering 500 Rs per match and travelling. If you play 3 matches every month, might number can go up or down according to your matches)

Diet – 3000 to 5000 Rs. This is the monthly cost of your diet.

If you look at your monthly expenses it will go around 12,000 to 15,000 Rs ( Academy fees, match fees, and diet are included ) Expenses might go up to 20,000 if you get injured.

How much annual cost does one need to pay?

15,000 * 12 = 1,80,000 Rs might be the one-year cost and if you play for 5 years it can go up to 9,00,000 Rs. You need lot’s of money so you need to save more money.

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I hope you got the rough answer of how much money needed to become a cricketer.

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