Google Pay Sachet Loan Interest Rate – 15000 Rs Instant Loan

Are you a small businessman who is looking to grow their business to next level? But struggling to kickstart your small business journey here you have you good news. Google pay has came up with great offer if you are looking to skyrocket your business. Google Pay Sachet Loan program for you. Stay tuned to know the details about Google Pay Sachet Loan and Google Pay Sachet Loan Interest Rate.

Disclaimer:- Do your own and homework research properly before taking loan from anywhere.

What is Google Pay Sachet Loan?

Google Pay Sachet Loan is basically a preapproved loan which are for SMBs. SMB stands for small or medium-sized business who are struggling with finance to grow their business. Let me clear you this Google Pay Sachet Loan is not provided by Google Pay. Before you panic listen. Google Pay has done a partnership with DMI Finance.

Basically DMI Finance is NBFC. NBFC stands for Non Banking Financial Company. So the Google Pay is the mediator between you and DMI Finance. I hope now you are clear with this. So everything you do this you will directly deal with DMI Finance okay.

Features of Google Pay Sachet Loan

  • Contactless Online Process
  • Quick Approval Process
  • Low EMI Rate
  • Minimal Document Required

Eligibility of Google Pay Sachet Loan

  • Indian Citizenship
  • 18 years or above
  • good credit score

Documents reuired for Google Pay Sachet Loan

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Documents

Google Pay Sachet Loan Overview

Loan AmountUpto 15,000 Rs
EligibilityIndian Citizenship
Interest Rate21.96%
Tenure6 months
Processing Fee3%
Google Pay Sachet Loan

Listen you need pay daily installments of Rs 111. Yes. That means you need to pay Rs 111 every day to repay the loan amount of Rs 15000 (amount can change after adding the interest rate). The interest rate is 1.83% very month which makes 21.96 % of annual interest if you calculate it. They also might charge you processing fee of 3% also. So I Hope now you know Google Pay Sachet Loan Interest Rate is 21.96% annually if you can calculate.

You can see below screenshot what I discuss above.

Google Pay Sachet Loan Interest Rate
Google Pay Sachet Loan Interest Rate

How to apply for Google Pay Sachet Loan

Step 1. Open Google Pay Business App
Step 2. Go to loan section
Step 3. Complete the details
Step 4. Do the KYC
Step 5. Submit your bank documents

How much time does it take to get the amount in bank account?

Well it might takes few hours it depends. When you look at instant loan providing company they usually give the amount in between 10 min – 5 hours. Due to lack of information I am not sure about Google Pay Sachet Loan how much does they take. But yeah they might also would take that much time otherwise what’s the use of instant loan? Ha ha. Right. Anyways see to it that you research on your own first.


Is Google Pay Sachet Loan of 15000 is provided by Google Pay?

No. DMI Finance is providing Sachet Loan of 15000 Rs.

Is Google Pay Sachet Loan is interest free?

No. One has to pay interest.

How much time do you need to repay the 15000 Rs loan?

6 month of duration is provided to repay the loan.

What if you fail to pay Google Pay Sachet Loan on time?

Legal action might be taken if you fail to pay loan on time.

Is Google Pay Sachet Loan for everyone?

No it is for SMB’s.

Is Google Pay Sachet Loan legit?

Yes. Google Pay Sachet Loan is legit.

Is DMI Finance RBI approved?



Should you take the Google Pay Sachet Loan? Honestly speaking personally what I think is that the interest rate are too high I mean 21.96 annually. I know business loan are also too high. But considering the mediator coming in between you are going to pay much high interest rate. So if I would have to take loan I would go with bank I know it might be time taking but yeah at least there will be no thirty party which will take my money. Which result for less interest rate. But if you think that you need urgent instant loan and you don’t have that time to wait than only you can go with instant loan giving company. Otherwise you can wait and save your interest rate.

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