9 Biggest Stock Market Mistake To Stop Now

Do you also invest in the stock market? Are you aware of this stock market mistake that many people do? If you are doing this mistake I highly recommend you stop doing that right now.

Stock Market Mistake:9 Starting late

If you start late the biggest regret you will feel after investing is that you miss the advantage of the power of compounding the earlier you start the better and the huge benefit of the power of compound you can get. The earlier you start investing it’s better for you your family and for your money also because you don’t know how much power of compounding can impact your growth.

Stock Market Mistake:8 No plan

I think you have heard this quote if you are failing to plan that means you are planning to fail yes or no so why you are not planning if you don’t plan yourself how can you get the exact result you are looking for? You need to have proper planning where you will invest whether it can be a midcap large cap or small cap. Whether you will invest only in an index fund or mutual fund or you will invest in both. you have to know that so you can have good output instead of just investing where everybody is doing that’s wrong you can’t do that.

Stock Market Mistake:7 Not diversifying

Listen I know that where you had invested that particular segment is doing good because no one does in the bad segment because everybody wants to grow their wealth. So they invest in a good segment I accept but the reports are of the past I know it can perform well in the future too but there is the chance that it might collapse also. I am not demotivating you I am just telling you the truth if there is a chance of growth of your money there is also the probability that your money can go down. It is necessary to minimize the risk and increase the return for that.

Stock Market Mistake:6 Quantity over Quality stock

Listen if you look at the stock price let’s suppose a stock price is around Rs 4000 and another stock price is Rs 400. Many people will think I have 4000 if I will invest 4000 that to the first stock I will get only one share and the same if I invest that 4000 in that other stock I will get 10 shares. That is the wrong man you can’t do that there is an enormous difference between that 400 Rs stock and 4000 Rs stock you have to invest your money in a particular company that is performing well you can’t judge like that. You need quality share, not quantity share.

Stock Market Mistake:5 No proper research

If you are not doing proper research before you are investing money in that particular stock that means you are not investing it simply means that you are gambling. No one can make a huge amount of wealth by gambling you have to understand the process, you have to know how the stock market works, and how your money grows so then you can make a good amount of money in the stock market by doing investments, not by gambling. For that, you need to do proper research.

Stock Market Mistake:4 Investing with loan money

My dear friend investments are done with your money not by taking loans from other people. So first clear your loans and all that stuff then you start doing investing because for how many days you will keep on doing that investment with the help of that borrowed money but the first question arises why you have to do that with the loan money if you take a loan from someone you have to pay interest on that particular loan and so what the use of that investment you will go, broke man. 🤦🏿‍♂️

Stock Market Mistake :3 Relying on Tips

You can’t make money in the long term with the help of tips in the stock market trust me. But reality doesn’t change because of one person. If you want to grow if you want to make a good amount of money with the help of the stock market you have to enter the stock market with your own potential, your own capability, and your knowledge so that you can make money out of the stock market.

Stock Market Mistake:2 Ignoring basics

If you don’t know the basics of the stock market what is stop loss? What is the PE ratio? What is a dividend? Tell me man how can you make money out of anything that you don’t even know the basics of it? Don’t do this type of mistake stop doing that it’s okay to start a little bit late but it is dangerous to enter without knowing anything about it.

Stock Market Mistake :1 Not learning

You have to learn to earn. This is simple and crystal clear logically and it is practical and useful. See the successful person in any segment at the top because he has done so much homework that’s why he or she is there.

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